Property Development & Investment
HMA Land Pvt. Ltd. is constantly looking for property that presents the perfect opportunity to create commercial complexes, affordable apartments, beach resorts and other kinds of buildings. If you are an owner that wishes to sell your property please do get in touch with us. We will send over a representative who will survey the property and give feedback on the same.
Advisory services
At HMA Land, we take pride in providing comprehensive ‘Advisory Services Portfolio’. And our team of experienced advisors helps an investor understand the real estate market with in-depth knowledge in the area of Real-estate and Infra solutions. We explain all procedures and workings of the real estate market in a simplified manner. And our team’s exposure to the laws and regulations governing real-estate will ensure that your investments remain protected and prudent.
Benefits of Using HMA Advisory Services :
  • Our advisors are 'insiders' of the real estate business and are aware of the shifting and fluctuating world of real estate and are in a unique position of guiding an investor.
    We help make sustainable real estate decisions that are rewarding and prudent both from short & long term business objectives. We, either help you create assets or assist you in making valid real estate decisions.
  • Our advisors propose an efficient investment plan executed with effective minimized cost, and they later increase the investment value with the help of operational and financial management
  • Our professional team at HMA Land, work in all fields of real estate whether it is residential, commercial rentals, business, buying properties or community development.
    Since we have strong presence in South India, our advisors can put you in touch with the right agents, brokers, appraisers and inspectors.
The Advisory Services at HMA Land are not necessarily restricted to any single aspect of the business parameters of Real-estate. They include services related to: Residential, commercial, Gated-community properties, Retail Malls etc.

When you approach us for our Advisory Services, we ensure that you are given multiple, validated choices. We ensure that utmost professionalism is put in place for a transparent, factual business transaction in Real-estate space.

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